The Universe is Mind

22 Nov
The Universe is Mind

One of the key understandings of d74g0n, is that “The Universe is Mind“.

Unsure if that statement conveys the meaning it is supposed to.  “The Universe is Mental” is an ancient Hermetic axiom (axiom means: self evident truth).  They say that quote is a Hermetic axiom, but the word axiom implies that if you didn’t know that, then you are stupid, because it is ‘self evident’.  Personally I was not around in ancient times, so I do not know if that statement is valid, but I do know from meditation and experience that the Universe is in fact; completely harmonious with mind.  Let me try to explain.

Human kind seems to have a lot of solid understanding of things, but it seems to me that people can have conflicting understanding without even noticing.  Part of becoming ‘enlightened’ is basically a process of unifying all your ideas so that none to conflict.  It is basically a process of reviewing everything you know and ensuring it doesn’t conflict, with things you know.  This process is usually achieved indirectly through meditation.

“Why meditation?”

I don’t know if you have ever properly meditated.  If you have, you probably went into a quiet room, sat there focused on single pointedness for an hour or so, then realized something so obvious that you don’t understand how the whole world missed it and continues to miss it.

I believe this process all has to do with this ‘unification of idea’ within your mind.  The ‘revelations’ of meditation generally are ‘nothing new’ in relation to the scope of idea.  What I mean is that, there is no outside information acquired during the meditation, yet new understanding is achieved regardless.  I understand this process as a bridge building exercise that makes rare connections between common ideas within our brains.  All achieved indirectly, simply by slowing and stopping your thoughts, allowing your consciousness to idle.

Perhaps a better analogy would be to think of your mind as a computers hard drive.  As long as we perceive things we write to this mind-hard-drive.  But if we look at the actual layout of data on the hard-drive we find that it is all over the place, without an index to map it, we wouldn’t even be able to find a complete file.  Meditation would be like stopping the writing.  Like the first time you have ever stopped writing data to your brain since you were born or knocked unconscious.  Since the write process has stopped momentarily, the brain runs a kind of ‘defrag’ automatically.  A successful meditation seems to take all known ideas within your mind, and ‘put them together’ in a fashion that is more efficient than how they are originally written into storage.  When meditating, completely focused on ‘nothing’ or ‘single pointedness’ simply trying to stop perception, and silence the ever rambling mind, a process happens that unifies idea.  Although it is an unconscious process, it results in an unbelievable understanding that is no less than enlightenment!  So get defragging!

  Again, Why meditation?  How is it going to teach us anything about the Universe? and why would we care?

The reason meditation is important in understanding the universe is because of that axiom; “The Universe is Mind”.  Which is to say, there is no difference between how thoughts in your mind arise, compared to how things arise within the universe.  If you are interested in meditation and the things I have spoken of until now, perhaps you should stop reading this and put some time in attempting to meditate.  I do not wish to hinder your path, and your enlightenment does not require you to read anything written by anyone other than yourself.  So if you are going to become actively seeking enlightenment through meditation I suggest you stop reading on it, and try it.  Once you have revelled in revelation then return to continue with my blogs and your self improvement.

Mandelbrot was one of the first modern scientists to explain the forms of the universe in a fractal manner.  This ‘self same’ property of the universe becomes a key to understanding how the Matrix/Universe manifests/functions.  Since ‘the universe is mind’ we now can learn a lot about our mind with every discovery about the universe, and learn about the Universe with every discovery of the mind.

The fractal nature of the universe is way more fractal than Mind=Universe.  In fact by the time I am done posting philosophy blogs I hope to have you understand that there are only 10 differences in the universe known as the sephiroth and 22 paths between them forming 32 unique concepts.  These 32 unique concepts allow for the universe and idea to be systematically categorized harmoniously without conflict.  This categorizing system is also known as the TAROT (which actually is TARO, which comes from ROTA the root of the word “Rotation” or as the motion implies “The Wheel”.  By treating the word TARO like a wheel we get {…TAROTAROTAROT…} so there is a little light thrown on that whole thing)

The 10 archtypes are like the 10 sources of all things that arise in the universe.  I have not prepared your understanding enough to get into this stuff so fast with any clear picture.  All this stuff is 100% based on logic and makes more sense than anything else, if understood properly.  I have found a million and one ‘Hippy Dippy idiots’ explaining all these ideas as they have “half understood them” and filled in the rest with superstition and karma in the name of book sales. xD Forever condemning honest researchers to the mythology of “lets just make stuff up cause I stumbled on something I don’t understand and want to capitalize off it

Everything I am prepared to expound is based on practical experience and observation.  I HAVE read a ton of ‘spiritual’ books but I found them to be 99% written by superstitious dreamer idiots.  I base all my blogs off meditation and unbias findings.  I have no agenda except to leave an accurate account of my understanding for my children.  When the world is ready for my philosophy they can pick it up and run with it.  But for now I am trying to empower the deserving.  Most of this philosophy was found by observing the nature of “Rule” (as in kings and such) and how it is achieved, and quiet contemplation.  Although I will reference the odd ancient text, none of these words are not mine.  I did not learn a thing from “Other peoples words” and I cannot stress that enough.  Although I will quote scientific laws that support my understanding (for those who are more into measurments), I want you to start trusting your own intuition, judgement and common sense more, because the world is completely idiotic until you do.


P.S. In the case that you stumbled upon this blog in the midst of a spiritual research hunt, I have 2 things to say; A> enlightenment is obtained by meditation not reading other peoples words and B> If you are looking into the TARO, the only source that is not “Hippy Dippy” is known as “The THOTH Deck” by Aliester Crowley.  If you must read other peoples words, start there when wondering about the Taro.

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2 responses to “The Universe is Mind

  1. nightx203

    11/29/2014 at 3:09 PM

    This might not matter now but I really love your blog, and it seems you haven’t updated it in a while (From what I can tell at least). I’d love for you to update it again.

    • d74g0n

      11/29/2014 at 6:07 PM

      Well if even one person is interested I will try to add to it quickly. I have been out learning & it turns out that science has started to discover many of the things I wrote about. (recently explaining remote viewing as being a phenomenon related to magnetic fields; as shown in the Through the Wormhole Series). So I recently went over the blog to see if I had gone wrong anywhere. Still holds true as far as I can see, but my focus on the universe being a mind has slightly switched to the question “How much does the mind mistake its own qualities as harmonious with that in which it observes”- on some levels. But I do feel as if on a verge of basically something big. There seems to be things like ‘Choas’ that hint that we can eventually come to a conclusion & formula regarding “the root of manifestation”. I say Chaos in the sense that an action occurred ‘without cause’ which cannot happen. So how do we make something happen without causality being involved on any level? Thanks for your comment, you are the first.


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