d74g0n’s Census on the Senses

23 Nov

The senses.  Have you noticed how your senses work?  How taste directly connected to smell?  These senses are so simple in a sense, and yet they are the source of our entire experience and perception.

Being the root of our experience, the senses have a profound relationship to the forming of our brain.  They have such an effect over us that they shape our feelings and emotions as we experience the data.  I have done a lot of contemplation regarding my senses.  I wonder if my senses are the same as others.  The school ground philosophy of “Is the blue you see the same colour as the blue I see?“.  So there is that Colour psychology regarding the effect of colour on our moods.  So the very act of perceiving something, as in a certain colour, a certain frequency of the electromagnetic-spectrum can trigger us to feel a certain way.  Interesting.

I have been thinking about basically rating the senses.  So I tried to organize such an idea in my mind.  Then do some observing of my senses to gather the needed data so i could confidently rate them all. I did this by imagining myself in a unlit room initially, it’s funny how I instantly went to turning off the sight sense.  So if your in an unlit room imagine trying to identify what is in the room simply with taste!  You would have to go around licking everything.  At the very most you could identify one object at a time.  Now I am trying to imagine the senses individually so while I am tasting everything I can’t be fumbling around actually touching things.  It seems taste would have to be ranked pretty low on the scale of senses as far as data collection is concerned.

Now back to the touch, if we limit it to one touch sensor like the tip of the finger we can only identify one material at a time.  In life we have a the whole skin organ dedicated to touching things,  with our arms outstretched whatever is in this room will be found, light or not! Touch is a more practical sense than taste, I would rather deal with poison and acid with touch than taste.  But this really has to do with the level at which we perceive the senses, suddenly torture comes into my contemplation.

I have been wondering about the senses with an agenda in mind.  Earlier in this post I had mentioned ‘colour psychology’,  which reveals a connection between perception and mood.  We can see that with a little research we could map out exactly what colours trigger which mood.  This is simply through the sense of sight.  My curiosity is based mostly on that idea, except relating to the effects of the other senses on psychology.  Perhaps I am searching for my own hypothetical ‘sound psychological effect map’, or mapping some other sense.  At any rate, with contemplation comes higher understanding, even since beginning this post I have come to unify a few of my ideas into a new, slightly higher understanding.

Torture, well I doubt someone could effectively extract information from an unwilling soldier using methods of taste.  Wait, what?  What even are the 5 senses accepted by CULTure?  Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch… yeah that’s it, the holes in our head and our skin supply the organs used for sense reception.  Touch is obviously the most effective sense so far, after sight, to get that job done.  So right now I think I will rate them like this, Sight, Touch, Sound, Smell, Taste.  This is my current list of senses in a descending order from ‘greatest effect over us’ to least effective.  For matters of manipulation perhaps.  One would think that companies like marketing firms have already researched this type of thing.  So we can assume that we are being surrounded with billboards all designed in harmony with ‘greatest effect over us’.  This means, that as I layout connections beyond colour and mood, the ideas and energies that manipulate us, we are likely going to see them in our environment and understand just what their owners are trying to do.

You also will be able to come off almost as a psychic when you know with high probability how someone is feeling, or what they are thinking, when in an environment conducive to a certain effect.  All of this would seem like there is an endless set of connections, the whole electromagnetic-spectrum which could actually be endless, in connection with mood and emotion and who knows what type of reactions could be triggered by them.  To this I have to say, no.  There is not an endless set of  combinations, there are no more than 32.  Similar to Octaves in music, the fractal universe essentially repeats, except more like branches on a tree than a perfectly harmonious set of musical waves. Now if you used some of these ideas to manipulate a friend into a certain state, and then told them what state they are in, this would be perceived by them like magick, but that is only because they did not read d74g0n’s blog! In other circles you could use it to sell yourself as a Marketing genius.  To those more inclined to a mystical line world view, you could escape from the puppetry of the stars, and Zodiak.

I think I have laid the foundation of understanding needed to proceed with revealing the archetypes that are used to form the universe.  They are the unique elements of the universe, as a tree trunk is the same as a branch, these unique ideas are used as fractals in a manner like letters and words form languages and build on meaning despite being endlessly recycled and essentially ‘all the same’ by nature.  I hope to have you in control of your entire universe and completely free from newly revealed occult outside influences.

~ d74g0n

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