Bonus – Fractal Universe

24 Nov

The Universe is fractal.  We can see how a tree is fractal as the Trunk of it would be the first Branch.  Each branch is like a smaller reflection of the initial design.  I like to think of it reflected on a rippling pond, so the ripples are what cause the distortion, causing the branches to be bent and curved in the reflection opposed to the generally straighter Trunk.  Each fractal layer, each Branch that springs forth from branch, being a fractal replication of its base.

In the same fractal manner, everything in the universe is formed.  Now I am a firm believer in the ‘Universe is Mind’ line of Hermetic thought.  Personally believing that the universe is closer to being ‘God in solitary Confinement’ and just playing out the; ‘nature of mind in solitary confinement’ than whatever it is that others believe.  So when following this line of thought I am basically believing that we are essentially in a dream, governed by the laws of ‘psyche’ rather than Newtonian law.  I realize how this could sound once again like the ramblings of a mad man, but I ensure you that initially I had come at this whole ‘spiritual’ topic as a sceptical scientist thinking ‘well if a 3rd of the word is Wiccan believing in Magick… well they cannot ALL be foolish idiots’ and truly they were not!

So the universe as I view it, is like the ‘Brain in a Jar’.  So right now, this illusion that you exist within, is basically a distraction to the fact that you are alone.  :foreveralone:.  That is why ‘Love’ and ‘Family’ and ‘Friendship’ are such a dominant theme within this illusion.  For they are the only things that do not exist.  These words are but a figment of your imagination.  Everyone is playing a certain role for you to observe and grow from.  This is you talking to yourself.  This is you playing with yourself.  The brain in the jar, perceiving, psychologically, figments of its imagination.  There are only 10 ideas, 10 corners to sort things into within the Brain, the seat of consciousness.  In a Fractal manner, we sort everything like a chain of pathways. Some things that arise within the universe would be aptly placed directly between 2 of these corners.  For they are composed of a blend of 2 sources.  Lets quit with metaphors and call them either Archetypes or Sephiroth (The Trunks).

The Archetypes probably would best be explained using colour.  There is nothing else in the Universe like them, so it is hard to come up with words for it, having never seen anything intelligent enough to compare it to.  So like a prism would separate the white light into its spectrum of colour, we can see a metaphor for Unity.  White light commonly is associated with God or the Heavens, scientifically we understand how white light is composed of all of the spectrum combined.  A definition for ‘God’ is; ‘Not Lacking’ which happens to be the definition of ‘Unity’.  We can see that White light ‘Unity’ is composed of the complete Spectrum of colour.  There is a certain ‘harmony’ to form and idea in the universe that is much more fantastic than this sub par example.  Like how the “United Nations” act more like their phonetic equivalent “You Knighted Nations” but that is for the ‘Phonetic Revelations’ post in the future.

I’ve just realized that I probably wont be able to give you a proper understanding of all the associated symbols of the individual Sephiroth.  Perhaps I am wrong, but it took me years of revisiting ancient symbolism before I got it, also there are gaps in my knowledge as I was bias in learning to combat modern materialism and such.  Since the world was so out of balance, I nurtured my learning to balance it, even thinking that the Sun was evil to a degree.  This was all because I had not realized that there is essentially no evil, simply immoderation.  Moderation is the key to everything good.

So palmistry for example will outline the hand with its planetary associations.  Now I have went through old book stores searching for the correct map of the hand, and I found many that were pure ‘poppycock’.  Finally I did manage to find one that was correct.  When I find where I have placed the book I will cite it.

The first thing that I noticed back then (Being Sun Bais) was that the Sun finger was the wedding ring finger.  The Sun being associated with Rule (Lion is king of the Jungle, Lions Maine is like Rays of the Sun, its Amber colour… etc…) I let out a little chuckle about the harmony of weddings and their connection to being ruled.

So lets look at the Archetype containing ‘Lust’.  We traditionally associate it with Venus and matters sexual, but lust is actually like a want.  A lust for a new video game for example.  The drive that makes us try for success.  Once you have the ‘map’ to the hand, and the associated planetary bodies they represent, with a caress you could inspire lust in a person, as long as you follow an accurate map.  These body parts become like buttons to effect moods.  Not only is the hand composed of the Archetypes, but every part of our body is.  Makes you wonder how much of our mood is actually inspired through bumping into things on a daily basis!

The face is also composed of the Archetypes and can be used to gain insight into them.  The right eye is the Sun, left eye is the Moon, right ear is Saturn, left ear is Jupiter, left nostril Venus, right nostril Mars, mouth of Mercury.  Now I haven’t outlined the qualities associated with the planets, or archetypes so that doesn’t mean much as of yet, but this map was given to us from Hermes and I found everything he ever published to be in perfect harmony with my understanding.

I have a busy day ahead of me, I best be off.  This was inspired by a tweet that didn’t allow for enough characters to be understood. xD

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