Throwing light on the Sun

24 Nov

It seems that Sight out of the senses has the highest chance of effecting us.  Since the source of our sight is the eye and the location of the eye is close to the brain, the delay between sight and unconscious reaction is minimal.  We react much faster when startled visually, compared to our reaction time of stepping on a tack or burning ourselves.

Sight itself has a profound effect upon us, far beyond the effects of perceiving colour and it effecting our moods and such.  I cannot help but assume that most of these ideas regarding sight and light are formed in our infancy, before we have any real conscious understanding of ourselves or our environment.

If you really think about it, you would have to basically start as a blank page like an infant who just has emerged into this world to relate.  The whole process of opening your eyes for the first time and sensing your surroundings for the first time.  It must be very much like waking from a dream.

These initial moments I assume must be associated with physical things, we begin to see things surrounding us, the world is no longer just thoughts in the darkness.  Someone is holding you upside down, first time you’ve ever felt someone grab a part of you.  Someone throws you on a table, first time you are actually on something, instead of floating in a womb.

I think because all of this birth experience is all at once and probably overwhelming to the senses, I would assume that much of it is confused as one thing.  Matter and sound and light, Touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, all being associated with this emergence into the world.  Whether or not it is night or day, the hospital hosting the birth is surely well lit.  It is this environment that is the initial guide to how we understand the world and the foundation of our thoughts and understanding are forged.

Meditation could be likened to being born, or more specifically, finishing meditation.  The moment when we open our eyes from the darkness of sensory deprivation to re-emerge into the light.

What I am trying to establish is that there are two realms in our mind.  The realm of physical things, light and sensory perception, and then there’s a realm of thought, of sensory deprivation, a sort of Yin to the material Yang.  Night and day, Thought and form, the Moon and Sun.

Well to digress a moment, I would like to point out that all this learning for a new born is the foundation of all future learning.  The brain craves harmony and basically works as a categorical sorting machine.  There are an infinite way to categorize perception into memory but numerically speaking, a system of 2 categories would result in something resembling a Yin and Yang chart.

I do not wish to get into this in detail right now, it will be later written about in the “Base Elements” future blog post.  But In all of my meditation and contemplation I had come to realize that these methods of sorting are more profound than they appear.  Not only are they all valid systems, but they all have with them, a certain way of seeing things.  Each having a unique way of processing the information of the senses, acting like a certain ‘lens’ for us to see the world through.  In some cases revealing occult relationships, making the unseen causes of situations very apparent.

The base 2 system of categorizing things in the universe results in the Yin Yang chart.  Base 3 results in understanding things in relation to their; Birth, Growth and Death.  A base 4 system results in the “Ancient Elements” of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, except not in a literal sense.  The 4 elemental categories sort by more of a “Awareness, Emotion, Thought, and Matter”.  If you were to combine the Base 3 and 4 system together you would have the 12 signs of Zodiak broken down to their ‘elements and their particular state’

Well enough of that, the last 2 paragraphs are ‘too soon’ and just appear as incoherent ramblings of a mad man.  Also they contradict my philosophy of Archetypes.  They are somewhere in between me trying to explain how you can create a system like Germanic Runes or a Tarot Deck yourself to speak with the universe, “by throwing the bones” which works much better than you trying to learn the TARO system from some idiot who doesn’t even understand it.  Oddly enough even if you falsely understand the language of the TARO, it will speak to you in whatever way you do understand.  You can disbelieve all you like, but until you have tried these things your mind should be open to it.  That said, my first experience with TARO was nothing like I expected, I ended up testing its maths skills, making it do my homework, obviously after the Tarot gave me the answers, I checked them in the usual manner and they were all correct, obviously or I wouldn’t be talking of it!  That day with the Tarot used for real school math problems, I realized the fractal nature of the universe allows for learning about one area of thought such as maths, while also teaching through harmony and a sort of ‘symmetry’ to how the same concepts relate to music or artistic form.  The harmony of the universe is mind blowing, as we learn about the fractal nature, this “Self same” element to it all it simplifies into generalities.  I have dealt with sceptical people in regards to astrological tenancies.  Commonly they argued “…but that description applies to everybody” (a contempt of generalities)  and they are right to an extent, but I was still able to guess his Astrological sign accurately.  Nonetheless he was able to create some doubt within, somehow despite my experience, as if these observations I have witnessed were a forgery of nature.

Ok well, I wish I didn’t write all that.  More back to point.

Todays post is supposed to be outlining the two worlds; Physical vs Mental.  I think we should focus on the Sun and all that it symbolically represents.  The Sun is that which allows for things to be visible, to ‘materialize’.  Many ‘thinkers’ have a problem with the worlds focus on ‘materialism’ so referring back to my Census on the Senses, we should be able to see how ‘they’ have set up our environment to be conducive to materialistic tenancies (which is good for business, having a hypnotised automatized consumer puppeted through perception).  Since there are only 10 archetypes that manifest all things, the Sun must arise from one of them.  So as we learn about the Sun we will also be learning about that particular type of energy as a bi-product.  In other words, as we learn about ‘the sun’ we will be learning about 1 10th of the universe.

Although this post is not near complete, as we have not come close to explaining our title of this post.  I will post it anyways then update it later.  As for now it seems I have rambled on long without throwing anything at the Sun.  So just for a little sneaky information, here is a taste: Suns, Stars, Kings, Sons, Hearts, Physical, Material, Matter, Leo, Number 6, Beauty, The four 6’s of a deck of cards, Air Element, Mystic #21, Egyptian God Ra, Amber (Empress Scale of colour), Roman God Apollo.

(Check out Liber 777 for an overview of major world religions symbolism, the Sun is number 6 on the chart.)

I repeat, I have NOT thrown light on the Sun yet, simply rambled on preparing to.  I will continue this soon.


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