Belief of Ageing

25 Nov

  I recently have written a post on ‘Spells and Placebos’, where I outlined how Belief is like a catalyst of the Will allowing it to ‘Magickally’ cause change when appropriately believed in.  I however do not think I did it justice.  I did not outline how belief in God allows for prayer to work and such.  But perhaps this little ditty I have in mind will fill in the necessary gaps regarding my understanding of Belief and its placebos.  I believe I can do this by explaining how I stopped ageing when I was 14.

  Back then I had found a novel that was rather humorous by an author known as Tom Robbins.  Within his fictional novel he outlined a method of halting the ageing process.  At this time I honestly believed that ageing was taught to us, and without knowing consciously the connection between belief and manifestation I needed the placebo provided by the novel in order for it to manifest.

  The method was one of logic, so very easy to believe in.  It basically said that a person would have to simulate situations that resemble the regenerative times of human life.  For example, one would have to have daily hot baths to fool the body into believing that it is still in the womb.  A time when cellular regeneration is theoretically happening.   Secondary, one would have to have sex at least once a day, to fool the body into believing it is a pubescent teen and so on and so forth.  Now this method made sense, and from the moment I first had sexual intercourse I began putting this theory into play, and it worked.

  It is now over 15 years since I discovered the method to nullify ageing and I did fully adhere to the program for the whole time. I still look exactly as I did when I was 14 now 2 decades later.  I also still feel 14!  Now about a year ago I suddenly began having problems getting the GF to have sex as much as I needed to, to remain ageless.  The first few weeks of stopping the program I did feel almost panic’d like I was going to age twenty years rapidly.  But this was not the case.  Aided by my occult research and understanding that “Belief is the limit of the universe” I realized that I did not need the physical program of bathing and sex to nurture my belief any longer.  They were just placebos as those Wiccan Candles were.  

  For the longest time I did meditate on age and such, I had come to the conclusion that I wanted to live to an age of 300 before I re-evaluate the situation and choose to age or not.  I know it sounds crazy, but once you have some Occult phenomenon that questions the very fabric of existence, as I have, things like this are not so crazy any more.  Also when you meet people who are over 300 years old still living on earth, like many who live in Sri Lanka, suddenly it isn’t crazy at all any longer.  The fact that world records over look these people also seems to outline a general ‘belief conspiracy’ that is going on.  Like we are taught to age on purpose.  When we are told that the old living person is… well way under 200, and there exist many over 300 still living, than questions arise.  In fact it seems strange now, to think that we are constantly reminded about the average length of life of women compared to men, this seems like nothing more than a “Believe in age” indoctrination.  Yes there are lots of other thoughts that arise regarding over population and whatnot when talking about such things.  I personally am not selling anything, there is not even an advertisement of mine on this entire blog.  This blog is more of a message to my children and friends once I have moved on.

  So to summarize, Belief is the limit of the Universe.  However you foster that belief is up to you, but whatever is truly believed, is.  Depending on your angle, you can use this belief to stop ageing or you can be taught that we all age and believe in that.  You can believe that Magick doesn’t exist, or that your prayers will be answered by God.  You can believe that you deserve things from Karma, or that someone else will ‘get it’ from bad Karma.  Whatever you do believe in, I suggest you try believing in yourself before you try to convince yourself into believing something unbelievable!


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