The Sun.

26 Nov

The Sun, its phonetic equivalent being ‘The Son’ has a certain harmony of shape and form.  The action known as ‘Mooning’ someone, which entails removing ones pants and underwear to expose the buttocks is harmonious with these symbols of Sun and Moon.  The Sun represents all things matter.  The Moon representing all things Void.  So this act of exposing the butt crack is more in tune with exposing the void (moon) than matter (sun) so It is harmonious in its name and symbolism.  Now theoretically “Sunning” would be exposing the front, except on a woman this would more resemble the Moons Symbolism than the Sun.  Perhaps this is why male children are refereed to as ‘Sons’, because upon being born, checking it’s pieces, they notice there is Matter there (The Penis) and aptly refer to him as a Son.  The Sun and the Moon, Matter and Void, Yang and Yin.

So far I do not believe I have worded the above in its most efficient manner, perhaps I will edit it in the future to be more powerful of an idea.  Moving on to religion.  Some may have noticed that modern religion seems to be, let us say; Contradictory.  But first lets just take a quick look at Biblical things and see if we can spot the Sun motif.

The Halo, which is a very popular religious symbol, is usually drawn by children and non religious sources as being like a Halloween costume with a golden ring above the head supported by a stick.  This is just mock symbolism in my opinion, but if you research paintings and whatnot regarding the religions of Jesus, and church designs, you will notice that the Halo is more of a Sun being blocked out by the Head of the saint or angel.  This is very interesting to me.  It puts this subtle Sun symbol behind every iconic ‘good person’ perhaps subconsciously linking the Sun to all things ‘good’ or ‘holy’.  Personally it seems to me as if all of those figures with Halos are like puppets being controlled by the Sun, or perhaps the Sun and its role as a provider of energy that sustains life on earth, perhaps they are trying to imply these halo’d figures are what sustain our lives, in a subtle subconscious associative way.  I feel like I am doing this out of order, let me begin again.

As a child I questioned the Bible.  My parents were absent of all things religious so it left me with a giant void of biblical knowledge.  One of the first things that caught my attention as I began learning about religion was this ‘Praying to Jesus’ and accepting him as my personal savior.  Now being brought up in a religious ‘void’ I had only used what I thought was common sense to understand the whole God concept.  So when I heard about the role Jesus was playing in the scheme of things, the grand design, I couldn’t help but be confused.  Why would I pray to Jesus if Jesus himself prayed to God for his prayers to work?  Even when we are given the lords prayer from Jesus, there is no mention of praying to Jesus.  This all was very bothersome for me as a child because I just thought “This should make more sense, and be clearer”.

Eventually, being one to study all things.  I came across earlier myths of Dionysus, Horus and couldn’t help but think Jesus was merely a copy of them.  The Christians addressed this line of thought by saying “Satan had come before Jesus preparing the way with doubt.”.  At any rate, I did not Believe or Disbelieve anything, simply considering all things.  Horus being the Egyptian version of Jesus, is where we get the root of the word “Horoscope” which is a Zodiak interpretation of the Sun sign, the astrological chart being the whole picture.  So horoscopes are merely a reading of what the Sun is doing rather than what the entire system is doing.  That means that it is outlining our Materialistic tenancies, and other Sun associated tenancies like things regarding Rule.

I need to outline all the associated Sun relationships, as I write I keep realizing this.  Personally I know them perhaps the best out of all astrological symbolism.  So if you have read Liber 777 it is everything associated with ‘Number 6’ on the tree of life.

First off, the SUN as I constantly repeat is everything ‘Matter’ the physical, thoughtless, emotionless ‘stuff’ that we bump into.  Also it is the Penis, that bonus piece of matter males have, that is commonly used to fill female voids. It is the Yang of the Yin Yang.

Although I have not written up on the ‘Four Ancient Elements’, it should be known that “Fire” represents “Awareness”, and the Sun being composed of Fire, harmoniously allows for visual awareness.  Just for the record, the symbol for the ancient element of fire is a triangle pointing up.  Of all the senses visual awareness allows for the most information to be acquired, for whatever reason I think that should be noted.

The Sun being composed of fire, which in ancient elements is ‘burning with awareness’ is harmonious is with its quality of allowing for visual stimuli, it is an active principle.  So as fire spreads over that which it touches, so does our awareness as our curious eye makes it saccadic movements building the scene up to 5 times a second.

If we move our gaze to the Tree of Life or liber 777’s table, specifically number 6, we have many of the symbolic equivalents of the sun.  This ‘materialistic’ tendency, the gold of kings under the amber son.  The ‘King of the jungle’, the Lion and his ray like mane.  Religious symbolism is so deeply ingrained in our western cultures psyche that the mere mention of a single number 6 cannot but cause the mind to perform the triplet; 666.  Coming from a more, poetic prophesy the reader is left with a heavy allowance of artistic interpretation.  Also trinities, and some loose concept of a threefold existence, like mind, body, and soul.  A confusing if not, all together blinding statement of fluff, especially when the soul is defined as the mind in many circles.  So let us not focus on this mythical trinities composition, but lets suppose for no good reason, that a trinity of 6’s would be like saying a ‘Mind, body and soul aligned to materialism”.  The perfect consumer of today, with a heavy relationship with accepting rule.

To take this Sun association with ‘Rule’ a little further; often we see this image of Christ the shepherd, tending to the flock, overtly painting Christians as sheep, a passive animal often used to put us to sleep, while Jesus him self is a Son.  Phonetically there is no difference between ‘Son’ and ‘Sun’ so when we pray to Jesus are we not in fact praying to “The Sun of God”?  Could there be some connection between this unconscious connection and western cultures almost hypnotic obsession with Material goods and wealth?  I actually believe there is.

This idea of Son worship actually seems like the next evolution from ancient Egyptian worship of Ra, the Sun god.  Those Egyptians actually knew quiet a bit of Magick, so the idea of them using ‘Magick’ which would be more of a science of psychology and symbolism to the initiated, is not so far fetched.  What is religion anyways?  Is it anything more than a cult institution, with a certain exemption from government taxation?  Phonetically it is no stretch to make ‘religion’ into ‘Re-legion’ which in my historical observations seems harmonious with the concept of legions (army units) and this prefix of (re-) implying that if all else fails, just re-brand it and do it again with the next accepted popular belief.  Does not the bible drop a revelation regarding “we are legion” in a brainwashed demons tone?  Is not the popular secular belief of religious automatons harmonious with that revelation?  I do not wish to really talk about the Bible that much, I have read many versions of it, since an uneducated opinion is ridiculous.  But it does have so much symbolism that has been almost genetically-psychologically embedded in us and culture, that you cannot help but recall it, like with the 6’s as the ‘go-to, pre-loaded, thought’ and that fact should really outline why we cannot just ignore the Bible outright without taking a loss to our scope of unbiased observation.

Unfortunately this post has not revealed what I set out to do, merely a collection of past Sun related thoughts.  Did not even address the penis slang ‘wang’ and the curious relationship to ‘yang’ but hey, nobody else seems to be talking about this stuff lately with any authority.  If you have any questions, please ask them because expounding occult information is highly aided by open curiosity.

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