Over Unity Brainwash

27 Nov

Ok this is one of those moments that makes me believe the entire world is…

Ok this is one of those revelations that makes you wonder if you are even human.  I mean what seems to come easily for myself does not seem to come at all to others.  This really kinda feels like the whole universe revolves around me.  Like it is a game, I have this very obvious knowledge and for some reason everyone is playing stupid, like they are waiting for me to do it.

Like get this.  I am watching television, and I see an over unity device working.  But the people on the television are not making an over unity device, they are simply playing with harmonic resonance to cause vibration.  It was ‘Tesla’s Earthquake Device”, so it basically was nothing more than a teachers example to illustrate the nature of Harmonic Resonance.

Let me quote Wikipedia on resonance ( ) :

“…even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy….”

Small produces large.  It says it all right there.  Over unity.  Now I can outline a simple version for you to create.  That mythbusters episode. they were using a one pound device to shake a bridge, although it was minimal results, there in fact still were pretty astonishing results, the only failure was their want of senseless destruction of the bridge from this “Earth Quake Device”

Earlier on during their small scale tests.  They used an iron bar on top of some cinder blocks (so that the heavy iron bar could vibrate without interference from the floor.)  Now we seen how a small weight can build up oscillating energy in a bridge, in the small scale tests the iron bar was bouncing dangerously around and was shut down just because the energy stored within was growing out of hand.

Now if they just had hooked up some of those ‘shake flash-lights’ that generate energy when you shake them, and rigged it so that the almost INFINITE number of these shake flash-lights actually fed back into powering the device.  Well they probably would have been shot by energy barons.

When the worlds common conscious realizes this obvious oversight of common sense.  Well then I will say “well it took you long enough”.

All the great people of history like Tesla, Einstein and Franklin are merely the ones that got off the couch and tried new things.  Those that ‘get up and do’ are a rare breed!  Failure is merely a by-product of quitting or giving up.  But usually a person inspired, subconsciously already has the answers put together, it is merely a matter of deciphering gut feelings and getting it done.

By the time I get my words and thoughts in order, with help of this blog.  I should be able to throw light on things in a manner which causes common sense to overtake brainwash and CULTures preconceived notions that limit our ability of observation and perception.

But for now, to clear our heads, we gotta ask ourselves; “Who Am I?”

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