d74g0n’s “Big Bang” Mental Equivalent

04 Dec


  One of the most obscure things I had ever chanced to read was something called ‘the naples arrangement‘.  It was within a book of Aliester Crowley’s but I cannot recall exactly which one.  It was basically a relation between number, its form, and mind.  Like a psychological outline of the inevitable process of a truly blank minds birth.  For those of the school of thought that “Universe is Mind” or “Universe is Mental” would immediately see the need to grasp this concept for it is perhaps the missing piece of some mystical understanding.  Personally I cannot relate much past the concept of 5 or perhaps it is likened to the fifth motion of the mind.  Once I had relayed this information, this evolution of mind from nothing, to a friend.  Surprisingly he understood it almost sublimely and began building off it, relaying to me everything past seven which from the original paper basically faded off into confusion for me.  Except when my friend relayed it, it was like a divine message from the universe as he did, like he was speaking the most profound observations without realizing how profound and sublime of a concept he understood, and now my memory of it is almost as if he was an angel with literal light pouring out of his mouth.  At the time I was scrambling for a pen, and as usual the universe was not allowing me to capture such a divine moment, so Instead of stopping him so I could record this revelation, for fear of disconnecting this channel he seemed to have tapped into, I thought “I’ll remember it anyways, it is so obvious as he explained it, how could I forget?”.  Well perhaps from Adrenalin from the excitement, I did indeed forget 6 and 7 and on.  But nonetheless, the first 5 are enough to establish a quiet rare thought that I consider extremely revealing to the nature of things.   

  Let us set the stage with Zero.  Nothing, no light, no darkness, which is also to say ‘no illusion‘ or dream.  No universe exists, no consciousness, no thought, no memory, all is naught.  No dimensions or space or anything.  This is Zero, sometimes referred to as “Ain” in mystic settings, translated as ‘Boundless’ in a dimensionless, senseless, sense..  The true concept of ‘naught’.  This is the universe before its metaphorical ‘Big Bang’. Even being nothing, this is, as the shape infers, a unity of sorts.  That’s all I have to say about that for now, except to add; “10 is the return to 0” as there are only 10 numbers, 20 being ‘twice returned to unity’.

  ONE.  One is like that ancient fire.  Ancient evolution of the universe to “Ain Sof”, known as “Boundless light”.  This is the ‘Big Bang’ in my opinion, perhaps I can explain it clearly.  This light, is the act of a blank mind being born, a certain start of awareness.  As ancient fire is associated psychologically with ‘awareness’ and we see this harmony with fire lighting things within the illusion for us to see, (for us to sense).  Light allows for awareness, fire makes light, fire is awareness.  So this first moment, the birth of the number 1 is like waking up in a pitch black room and trying to sense just how big you are, your body.  Radiating out from the seat of consciousness, an awareness, expanding to the limits of your being, trying to sense just how big you are.  But we must remember, this is the birth of a mind, there are no words or letters created yet for us to think, as we imagine ourselves the universe being born.  Mystically, as in the QBL which is the root of the name we get Kabbalah from and its various spellings, this moment is the “I AM” moment.  Associating a certain sense of WILL to it. “I AM!” is how QBL’s school of thought teaches this moment, but I believe a question mark is inevitably included.  For if you have never existed before, and suddenly you are conscious, having never been conscious before, this want of understanding ‘Who You Are‘ first in a sort of ‘feeling yourself out‘ accompanied by the ‘where are you‘ we sometimes experience when waking in an unfamiliar location.  This ‘One’ state I believe would be apt with a “?”.  So “I AM?” is the first letter of the universe, not so much a word but a surprise beginning which I equate with the ‘Big Bang’ of the physical realm.

  So still on ONE, I want to drive home the concept of the universe expanding, trying to discover its limits, as it has just awoken for the first time to consciousness and doing so is trying to get a feel for itself.  “I AM!” being the root of this metaphorical explosion of consciousness racing from its seat throughout the limits of its body, simply trying to feel itself out.  At this point it is the Total of our mental alphabet, the only moment that this blank mind could possibly recall.  Associated with this moment, although my memory fails with citation, we have ancient stories derived from this concept.  The story I refer to specifically is that of the ‘Great Dragon’ and it’s fire that consumed the entire universe, the first creation.  This is a metaphorical representation of that Ancient element fires birth in the universe, a visual description to a universe bursting into awareness from source to dimensionless limit.  This is one of the Occult instances that I draw my alias ‘d74g0n’ from. So let us recap all that exists: “I AM!?“.  That was easy.

  TWO.  Now continuing with the ancient elements, this is the creation of ‘water’.  The nature of water is generally reflective, passive, distorted depending on the ripples that travel through it’s body.  This second moment of the universe is a reflection upon the first.  It is the logical next evolution of the universe.  It has echo’d the “I AM” first moment for all of existence and now it can only invert it, reflect upon it, like a mirror and its nature of flipping the picture.  At this second moment we witness the birth of duality, the psychological function of reflecting upon our awareness.  The second evolution comes to mind as “I Wasn’t?”.  This logical progression of “I AM Therefore I Wasn’t” is the only progress a mind with only one idea, one word, one letter, could have.  There still exists nothing beyond those 2 thoughts, so there is no dimension still, except an illusion of progression has evolved out of observing this new consciousness (fire) and reflecting upon it (water).  These initial moments of mind are what manifest the illusion (existence as we know it – mundane reality) through a process of multiple reflections upon these moments and distortions that come from using moving water as our mirror.  Something of a statement like “Every thought we have is but a reflection upon the last thought we have thought” along with an idea that, only 10 ideas have ever been thought and everything in the universe is caused and manifested by reflecting upon these 10 moments.  These 10 archetypes.  The 10 roots of all concept and idea, the Sephiroth.  These initial moments are still happening now, creating our next moment, and forming the dream we live within, at this point later reflections (upon the initial 10 moments) created the x,y of 2 dimensional space.  So to recap, the second evolution ‘of the mind that is existence’ consisted of a reflection upon the first moment of becoming aware.  It was the “hey I am aware now, I AM conscious!” then the inevitable “hey I guess I wasn’t conscious originally!” which revealed a THIRD concept commonly known as time, or progression.  It went “I Am!”, “I Wasn’t?” and with this idea of time being born, we focus on it as being the third moment.

  Three is probably the most used ‘occult’ number.  The holy trinity if you will.  This is associated with the ancient element of Air.  Air is known as ‘the ability to think‘ anciently.  Traditionally this is now what separates the fire from the water, and if we look at the harmony of form we have a psychological outline to a system of mental process.  We have a fire of awareness, separated by air from the water.  The fire is like a light, so we see something.  Then this image travels through the air; our thoughts upon that observation, then hits the water causing a reflection an inversion with mild distortion, this distorted image now reflects itself back up through the air, for us to ponder in the realm of thought, then once again back to the fire awareness.  A metaphorical world of its own, allowing for thought to evolve as it is born and travels through the elements and back again, harmonious in form as to how our mental process seems to perform.  This is heavily associated with ‘Change’ and I often hear the neophyte mumble ‘Change is stability’ which indeed it is when thinking of a 3 legged stool.  Change is stability is why our knees bend.  I just took a moment myself to reflect upon this post.  Without reading it, I worry that I am blending moments together.  This third moment is the birth of a concept of time or progression.  The second is everything leading to it.  Three being the logical conclusion to witnessing (becoming aware to) two distinct opposite ideas regarding the state of consciousness of the universe.  Three is a triangle, on GPS this allows for us to plot a point on a Cartesian plane (x,y,z) so with later reflections this formed our material worlds plane of existence, but for now in the initial ‘third moment’ it becomes the third letter in our mental language; “therefore I change”.  Major religions seems to focus on a father plus mother equals baby design of evolution, which has its merits in relating three to shape of evolution.  A sort of outline to how to fabricate a new idea, by taking two older ones and sticking them together to create a third blend of the two, literally like math saying 1+2=3.  If you can grasp what I am trying to show, perhaps the mere form and shape of the numbers can reveal how 1+2 should more resemble 12 more than this completely new form of the number 3.  A reiteration of concept could possibly be like how “I AM” and “Therefor I Wasn’t” concludes with something until now completely foreign to this mind  Instead of an observation of the nature of awareness itself, we result in an observation of the nature of its environment.  Words do me no justice, so I will hope that one of these lines convey’s the concept I try to divulge.  These three thoughts, must inevitably conclude with an evolution into the fourth thought.  This is where the fractal nature of the universe can perhaps help me reveal to you the grand design! 

  FOUR.  For this moment I have to remind us of phonetics and how things that sound the same, essentially are the same ‘energy signature’ so to speak.  As I reveal the nature of “FOUR” and the fourth moment of the universe, the less sublime realities of manifestation and their associated ideas will start to snowball in understanding the fractal nature of the universe and how these archetypes, these initial moments and evolutions of the universal mind are the roots and cause to all that exists and forms within the matrix (the place in which things are formed).  Traditionally the fourth element is ‘earth‘ which they always remind us is a composition made from fire, water and air.  So in terms of alchemy, the alchemist would refer to all matter as a substance composed of different measures of fire water and air as one element.  So earth was never an element of its own, but the result of the three elements as one.  This Fourth moment becomes the Point on the Cartesian plane (x,y,z)  of existence.  It is the first time we enter into the matrix as the dot or point on the graph of dimension.  Numerically through harmony of shape and form, we have gone from absolutely nothing, to plotting a point within three dimensions accompanied by the illusion of time.  As a programmer I couldn’t help but immediately try to reconstruct this frame work within a computer, but should probably wait until I understand the complete 10 before I could even attempt to do so with any substantial result. This moment is marked by the statement “Behold the space around you”.  Since we are a fixed position within the matrix,, that is all we can do; observe from where we stand.  I would like to say that we are entering into ideas and concepts that have never been published to my knowledge, the true result of contemplation and meditation, these are my findings that I am ever so proud of, for they were the first time I observed the fractal nature of the universe in a way that allowed for me to make predictions.  This is a place where my mind was once blown and perhaps I can do the same for you.

  The logical progression of idea so far has been very obvious, ‘I am (1) therefor I wasn’t (2) therefor change/progress (3)‘ so this fourth moment is actually the next evolution caused by the contemplation of these ‘letters of the alphabet of universal thought’. This idea is basically like looking out from where you stand, “well if progression happens, then… what do I want?”.  The word “Fore” used in golf had always been a mystery to me previously.  I always wondered why “Fore” and not “Five”? Now if we return to the idea of being a fixed point within the x,y,z matrix, that also has progress/change happening we can start to see a connection between the two ideas “Fore” being the same energy signature as “Four” compared to this concept of “Behold the Space around You” (the only thing one could do as a fixed point in space) suddenly it all makes sense.  When a golfer yells “Fore” he does not mean “Duck and Move” he simply is shouting out “Behold the Space around You!” because there may be a collision happening if you do not.  Further more, we find that when someone asks “What is this for?” it implies that one must “Behold the space around them” to find the answer because it does not go, where it currently is or you would not have asked.  You will find that this energy signature we know as “Four” is heavily associated with this fixed point idea, which personally is a sign of the fractal nature of the universe.  Considering I deduced much about meaning from these ideas, especially “Five” or that of the fifth evolution of the universal mind.

  To step back a moment and digest what has been said.  It must be noted that the fractal nature of the universe begins to unfold, and upon doing so these moments become multiple.  The initial state of four did not actually have a physical plane of existence, nor an actual point in space or dimension.  These concepts of space and dimension did not form until at least a second reflection on the 10 initial moments happened, forming the physical plane of existence and after that compounding into the illusion we live within.  Since this is more a post regarding the 10 Archetypes and all their fractal forms we don’t mind so much that we have left the first moments and confused them with later moments of the same fractal root (Archetype).  So Four initially was completely mental in nature, no more than a logical conclusion that ‘progress exists now what do we do with it’ and that became the Fourth idea that evolved out of the universal mind.

  Five is the last of the moments I will outline.  As an evolution of Four we can probably guess that the point in space, the 4 in the 3, has now become mobile.  Five is alive is perhaps the best statement to sum up what Five is.  The fifth element is commonly referred to as ‘Spirit’.  I personally never liked the 5 element system, for it becomes submerged in cult mythology and Hollywood movie ideas.  At a glance we can assume that if ancient element ‘earth'(4) is composed of the three preceding elements, than the fifth element being associated with movement, should be seen as similar to ‘earth’; a new substance composed of ‘earth’ and ‘spirit’ (movement).  Movement being the essence that typically denotes life.  So living earth in a sense is this fifth element.  Now we can relate how we go from concept to actual, mental to physical.  This ‘Five’ energy is connotates all movement and I cannot help but think that this suggests that some matter within the illusion is blessed with life (spirit), or at least an ability to move.  I say again “Five is Alive” which is completely my own words.  I have never read or heard of anyone expounding such ideas, this is all me.  With that said let me reveal a little more about the ‘fractals of five’.

  Five put’s the “I’ve” in anything you’ve done.  This energy signature of ‘I’ve‘ contained within the word Five seems to consistently connotate movement.  Lets take a look at which of these words does NOT connotate (Mean or suggest) movement: Drive, Thrive, Alive, Survive, Jive, Dive, Hive…  I do not think a word in English exists with this “I’ve” energy signature that connotates anything but movement.  I actually came to this observation regarding Five and language by contemplating this arrangement of number and evolution of mind.  Now the word “Five” itself, when thought of in this arrangement of thought is the x,y,z matrix (3) with a point (4) that now can move (5) ends up meaning movement, so on our quest to prove this idea wrong five cannot do it.  Five is alive as johnny five once demonstrated.  

  Now I started this post with the story of how a friend of mine continued from here to explain the next evolutions of thought through to 10 and how they related to ideas of bliss and our will and drive to find it.  Well something like that, when you hear you will know it.  To this I hope a reader actually leaves a comment either questioning this to pull new insight from it, or extending it with what could only be common sense.  This whole system of the birth of the universal mind was brought to my attention as ‘the Naples arrangement’ which I am told is named after the place it was first expounded.  Liber 777 can unify many concepts of number and idea or symbol and I always suggest that others contemplate the symbols within regularly.  I really hope that some new idea has entered your mind after having to read so many words from what many consider; a raving madman.  Please don’t be afraid to converse or comment with me, I do not bite under these circumstances usually.


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