The Peoples Solution to All World Problems – Manifest Destiny.

10 Jun

Many times I am asked when talking about the control grid: “So what do we do about it?“.  This is the right question to be asking.  Now personally I have always been a natural problem solver.  Without giving any history to that I will cut right to my thoughts on the subject of the Next Enlightenment also known as True Democracy.

Let us assume that the control grid has evolved out of thousands of years of rule over mankind.  Lets assume so that we do not overlook any factors that may act as an influence on our destiny.  We have all heard of the secret societies and fraternities that bind men to allegiance beyond any nation or people.  So let us assume that perhaps a similar corruption is the nature of the problem with modern politics.  If this is true, we can bypass these corruption points with an Online Democracy.

Who has not heard a politician put forth an unjust law, only to impassion the citizen with a want to referendum?  This drive is perhaps an intuitive knowledge of public opinion existing in direct opposition to the movement of its governance.  This should never happen.

The answer is simple.  An Online Democratic System, where the relevant masses are polled on relevant topics in order to make government decisions.  This revolution can only be peaceful as it is closer to a form of entertainment like social media than anything resembling a political movement.  This system may seem like it is “so crazy” and would have many bugs initially, to which I say: “Our system is unbelievably broken, yet we continually patch & evolve it around new found exploits.” and ironically we usually patch it to allow only certain privileged elite to slip through these new laws.  Things like environmental protection are nearly all gone due  to market influencing key people involved, this is not what is ‘Best for us all!’.  I suppose it is useless to list all the problems with the current system, so I shall simply outline some thoughts about this New Democracy.

  Here are my related thoughts for an Online Democratic Solution:

  • If online banking is accepted by popular opinion than Online democracy should have no issue.
  • The complete salary of most if not all politicians will be eliminated.
  • The only government employee’s, should be technical support workers.
  • All micro-voting records are completely transparent for future voting related forensics.
  • Citizens can Op’t out, if they feel they are not interested in the shaping of communities & nations
  • Government contracts are voted on by the relevant populace.  A project in a town, is voted on by the town, etc.
  • No representation is needed in this system of individual representation.
  • Complete transparency is required for corruption to be eliminated
  • Requesting a national vote on the change of law is handled by stages of idea Popularity / “Virality”
  • This system encourages education in every participant.  To vote on things you don’t understand; is folly.
  • This system will eliminate all campaign costs, the money can go to poverty instead.
  • I believe This System Will End All Wars.  Especially if those who vote for war have to go in to war.
  • The system is built to evolve and grow with public opinion, scalable to include the entire world.

One of the coolest things I noticed about this Online System of Democracy, is that it is “up scalable”.  Which is to say, the Micro-Voting would be considered a solution to how every Issue is decided upon.  The Scope of the decision determines the voting body.  So if a new stop sign is the issue, then those in the immediate area qualify as the deciding body.  This means that any nation or municipality can easily patch in to the system, they would simply become a new municipal scope addition, but also contribute to the ‘international’ scope”.  So if Canada had implemented this system, we would have no problem with other countries joining in.  In fact as other nations joined it, the people of earth would take the role of the United Nations with the International or Global voting.

 I really think this is our Manifest Destiny.

Perhaps all these words do not convey the idea which I have in my head so clearly.  It would be good to make a Movie about this reasonable world so that people can see this system, but if I spent energy making a film to explain something, why not just make the thing I am saying we should make?  I do not want to make this system, I freely give this idea to the world for those who can make it reality.

But let me see if a description of it in action can help.  So Future man gets home from work to check his bank account.  Logs in to find that he cannot access his bank information without making decisions on a poll.  Today the poll says: “Do you want a sidewalk on the east side of your street?” assuming this is related to your neighbours popular post about this issue that has been thumbed up by all the locals in the last couple weeks on (bad example of a site name).  So you actually know exactly why this is being polled now.  You can choose a few options:

A) Yes

B) No

C) Abstain

D) Conflict of Interest.  

Because all votes are public & transparent; all hypocrisy & deception is eliminated.  It is understood that all ‘the people’ are allowed to vote however they chose.  All voting options also include a comment area to attach along to your vote choice.  Options A, B & C are the actual options of decision, where D represents the identification of fraud or injustice related to the vote.

So Future man who I have also called you, chooses A) YES for the new sidewalk, despite hating it, so you include in the comment attached to your vote: “I agree to this only because Mrs.Neighbour wants it so bad“.  You also know that nobody is going to see your comment without actually digging into the records for it.  Although everything is completely transparent, your vote & comment are not on the ‘front page’ so to speak. So having voted, fulfilling your citizenly duties, you are now allowed access to your bank account.

The idea of forcing democracy on people by holding their bank account hostage is not ideal.  In fact I think the only time something close to that idea of “Hostage Polls” should happen is if there was a national emergency of sorts or some other National level decision.  I also think that coupling the peoples Democracy with the Banking outfits are as bad practice as possible.  Money & Corruption are the worst evils of society, at all costs should we avoid and Implement systems to avoid such future influences to again; corrupt mankind & the world.

The End

  If you enjoyed this article, I feel as though I convey’d the message “ok”.  I did not touch on the System of Online Democratic Law, which is in need due to too much corruption in the Courts, that also needs to be reinvented for a better future.  If you wish to ever ask me a question I encourage it on Twitter.  I am d74g0n spelled with a Zero, please contact me if you are inspired, communication is paramount to progress.  My Twitter.

Remember: you are perhaps the only real person in existence, I AM talking just to you.


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