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The Best Case Scenario – Finding a REAL Person.

A few years back I was more of a “conspiracy theorist” which is to say, I didn’t exactly believe or disbelieve any of the stories I’ve come across but did find them more interesting than talking about the weather with co-workers.  So to co-workers my topics were always questioning ‘odd things’ not so much things like the events of 9/11 and such, but pretty much any fantastic ‘what if…?”.

Things like “what if we are taught to age, and we only age because we believe we are supposed to?”

At the time I was part of a yahoo group called something like ‘educate yourself’ which had no agenda except that it seems.  On it I found things like ‘experiments’ usually of the mental kind, things like remote viewing exercises and stuff.  I basically assumed the world wasn’t as bright as me (such ego) and wanted to glance over ‘every idea’ to see if I could ‘unify all this knowledge’ and come up with a bigger picture I could explain to the world.  Assuming of course that there was a bigger picture for us to see.  One of these ‘leads’ that produced wonderful results personally was “cloud busting”.

There was a group of people, that used something like copper pipes in a pot, with a crystal even (I know how ‘hippy-dippy’ alarms are going off from our profiling indoctrination/education we are handed by media) but this device “Busted Clouds”.  There were many pictures of overcast skies before and after where they basically blasted a hole in the overcast above only their houses.  I really wanted to try to make one! See this stuff for myself!  But I was broke as a joke with 4 kids and extreme poverty – there was no way for me to acquire such materials legally.

I was getting into meditating also, trying all things.  It was something profound that I wont get into here.  The success with meditation, along with this idea of cloud busting being possible led me to a unique moment.

One where I asked myself “what if I can just do it myself without the cloud buster?”

The real problem I was trying to solve at the time was the “Chemtrails” phenomenon in our area.  Planes were spraying something that turned into clouds.  Personally the only explanation around here for such a thing, is basically Wine industry sabotage.  Because we are ‘Wine county’ the only reasonable answer to why someone would be paying for cloud seeding is the aforesaid.  I go on too much I suppose, like now, but it is not without reason.

So while at work I stepped outside, and there happened to be a “Chemtrail” plane spraying right above my work.  Now I was smoking, still am, will quit when wife stops smoking in house.  I went out on my smoke break looked up and basically having nothing better to do with my thoughts, decided to try and bust the Chemtrail with a sort of meditative Will.  Basically I was just staring at it to outside observers.  To my surprise the cloud behind it quickly dissipated.  Figuring the composition of clouds was … ‘easier’ than the heavier contents of Chemtrails I turned my attention to the lone cloud off to the side.  Within a minute it was gone.  I was sold.  Blown away that I could control the weather with my mind / will alone I literally ran to the pc.  First thing I did was google “Busting clouds with mind alone” because there must be more people who have done this.  I was right.  Some science in the 50’s done by the P.O.R.E. institute was all about just that.  They even had guidelines about the dangers of doing it in a storm, and also about metal objects in vicinity.  But at the same time there was some ORGONE (Chi?) buzzwords & FDA dis-approvals that have absolutely nothing to do with my ability to bust clouds.  xD

Why is this the best case scenario?  Who is this person who is Real?

So me being all like blown away with a paradigm shift of sorts or perhaps I would call it a “Profound Revelation” (which suggests that I am a Pro of sorts) I was really excited to spread the word lol, but people are not so receptive to such new ideas thrown in their face by a ‘nutter’.  So I called my co-worker who was at home.  I told him I was just out on a smoke break and I busted the clouds with my mind / will alone.  I said that I did like meditative breathing and with exhales managed to ‘blow’ the clouds away like giant wisps of smoke in the air.  He said I was a nut as was expected but I threw some of that PORE institute googlage in his face to substantiate it more and he let me go saying cool but your nuts.

But get this.

He called me back.  It was about 20 mins later.  I suppose he had to wait for his ‘smoke break’ cause he also was a smoker but did not smoke within the house.  So out on his smoke break he tried it.  It worked!  This is one of the first times in life I was hoping someone else could discover their-selves, one of my ‘secret powers’ muah huah huah!  At any rate I was so… proud to know this guy at that moment.  Not for… any sort of approval of thought or anything…  verification of non-craziness or something, but for actually trying to prove something true or false, right or wrong for himself.  I have not met many who do so on any level.

I asked him about basically things related to my old superstitions in hindsight.  Since then I found that much of everything is placebo, so my thought of how you have to do meditative breathing was baseless, for his methods were nothing like mine.  The only common thread was the ‘Will’ of it all.  Our methods were so different that I learned that day that methods perhaps are not what make things happen the same way I thought they did, I realized that this WILL of things… just the intention itself, well, can move clouds.

The polar opposite of the whole situation would be my dad.  Well my friend and I could both do this cloud busting stuff now, but even when there were three clouds like 3 circle-targets in a line before us, and we asked him: “which one will be the LEAST likely to disappear” and because of the slight wind he was sure the one on right would disappear “if any” because that is the way they were all very slightly travelling.  I told him I was now going to make the middle one disappear “with my mind alone!”. He watched as within 20 seconds the entire cloud vanished.  Not violently or anything, like it was slightly blown and instead of moving as a body, only its substance/volume slowly drained.

He just shook his head like: no.  then walked back inside the shop.

Even the co-worker said, after many more times just like that: “Well if he ain’t busting them, he certainly is the best ‘picker of which cloud is going next!'” to wit my father responded “Too bad you can’t make any money off of anything like that” – like seriously.  Thanks dad.  Your freaking son is demonstrating freak abilities, we all have, and all you can say is ‘No’ while not believing your eyes, and then focusing on money like you think I should only think of ways to make money.

I think I became ‘this way’ because I did a media blackout on all media when I learned to play guitar around 1995 because i didn’t want to be ‘influenced’ by other musicians.  So i think I missed ALL the TV PROGRAMMING that everyone else executed on themselves.  Hence I by ‘just being weird for the sake of it at the time’ had to survive from my own reason, for the “narrative of the News & nations disappeared.”

Just for the record, all the people I have met that have interested me or actually introduced me to new ideas, are the ones that also did not watch TV.  I like to think it is not coincidence, but perhaps it is.  There is no true causality in the scientific sense, that exists outside of the lab.  All is causality.  Butterflies destroying galaxies.  “every thought is a wish, may as well have been a prayer – shinning from your mind and reacting with the air..156” #d74g0nLyrics

lemme know if you bust clouds or make neato things that work! xD


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