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Culmination of Ideas.

Culmination of Ideas.


I had somewhat of an epiphany today, but I have no idea how to quickly and succinctly lay out what I have observed to someone who hasn’t listened to me go on, as I tend to do.

Ok so I am sure i have posted about the psychological dynamics of all religion and cult rituals… How essentially ‘belief manifests’.  Our reality we live within daily is like a cooperative dream.  If one person believes something more than the sum of belief of the others, that person gets the manifested reality.  This is wordy and I don’t like it already.

-=[ Quick Musical Summary of Philosophical Points! ]=-

I have posts on the placebo effect of rituals as a catalyst of magick phenomenon.  The conclusion of those rants always is essentially a realization that the method of each sects or individual is but a placebo and has no baring on the causality besides aiding in the belief process.  So john chang starts fires with his mind, how? “Meditation every day” is his catalyst.  For a Wiccan, the moon phase aids their belief… In fact the whole act of doing anything for magick to work is essentially a summoning belief process.  So some need 12 red candles and a hokey chant to make it work.  Others just pray.  My rants on these topics always conclude these placebo’s are nothing but mental belief aids.  So the universal-belief-theory of magick is ‘just do it’.  Once the Wiccan realizes the candles and chants are not needed… that is what they do… they  ‘just do it’ because they KNOW they can, by past placebo experience.

So the FIRST observation within this epiphany is the above “Placebo Catalyst”

I guess so much is intertwined that eventually all my separate rants will come together into this concise (and hopefully short winded) message.  Gah I am wasting time! wasting something that doesn’t even exist.

—-=[ The following Happened, skip it unless you like bonus insight ]=—-
OMG another revelation because i said the word TIME my goodness!  I just realized that ‘science’ has claimed things like ‘relativity of time’ with a clock on a plane unsyncing from its partner on the ground…  But in reality… We cannot actually measure time at all!  We can measure ‘electrified quartz wiggles’ and ‘atomic orbits’ and both would act differently submerged in a pool… essentially ‘losing time’ so does that mean that within a pool time moves slower?  No I am sorry it doesn’t, it simply means there is higher resistence on the time measuring mechanism but time itself is consistent.  Anyways I JUST HAD THAT IDEA… So I don’t want to spout it until I meditate on it deeply for a while and make sure I haven’t errored in observation… back to the Epiphany stuff.
—-=[ End of unrelated d74g0n rant interruption ]=—-

So the SECOND idea is just as related to the “Belief manifests reality”.  It has to do with me not aging since 15 years old, but it also has to do with so much more.  To summarize;  we have an intimate connection with every cell in our body; generally the direct method of communication is visualization of instruction.  Hence why meditation is such an interesting experience.  Simply the communication with the cells in your body, their response when you give them an audience, creates ‘new’ phenomenon for the inexperienced meditator.  Somewhat paranormal if it is your first time.  At any rate, I used the placebo ritual technique of some logic I picked up and it worked.  So even at the age of 15 I said “I have stopped aging now, I will live to 300 then see if I want to continue on after that” and being well over 30 now looking identical plus a few scars, my peers can’t help but smile in disbelief.  I am sure they don’t believe; but compared to me they look like my grandfather.  At any rate to clue you in to the ritual placebo I began with; when showering in warm water I basically did a meditation of sorts absorbing the energy and reminding the cells in my body that “It is the first day of grade 7” cause that was a day I remembered well… back in grade 7 when I started this ritual.  I repeated that ritual atleast once a month ever since, and now that I understand the communication process with my cells, I see that I was simply telling them what to do.

Now I grew up when they invented cloning on Dolly the sheep, and the clones as babies had osteoporosis, which logically showed that cloning is not a new seed of life, but a continuation of the one cloned.  At anyrate I am simply  establishing why this ritual made sense to me as a child… I believed that I was fooling my body into rejuvenating by treating it like the prime rejuvenation stages of life: a) baby in the womb (warm showers and visualization),  b) pubescent like sexual activity (for the longest time I believed sex on daily basis was required, but like all else; one day it didn’t happen and I didn’t turn to dust.. ) and there was some other points I used, but as they fell away being refined by understanding… I was left with a simple ‘shower anti-aging meditation’ 11 years later in 2005.  Oddly enough 2005 was when I learned about meditation and began doing it… yeah you hear that, I just realized I was meditating since 14 by telling the story and actually getting to hear it myself while doing so.  Well no wonder I took to meditation in 2005 like white on rice… I was unconsciously meditating on a daily basis… Sorry I am just a little wow’d right now. lol.  It is amazing how blind we are to things until we learn them in a more conscious manner.

Now why did I just say all that?  Well to establish the routine and mindset.  So my ACTUAL POINT IS how I reacted when people said it was my birthday (on the day or before to plan for it)… I always freak out like they are sabotaging my trick!

So today I had the epiphany because I realized that the birthday relationship, between my ability to believe I do not age, and how it challenges it.  Plus how society has handed us this birthday ritual.  In other countries like lithuania they celebrate ‘name days‘ and every calendar they have has the list of names for everyday, it has no relationship with the date of birth, and it also somewhat enforces the use of common, cult names.  So if you name your kid something odd, you will just have to pick the day with the closest name to be your birthday… ok I ranted too long.  My point:  Our Culture promotes “birthday acknowledgement”.

Somewhat like an absent mind forgets things; the universe being built of psychological & conscious energies can forget some lesser processes like aging a person if it simply is never thought of…

If there is a “Trinity” of relevance; I believe it would be:


-=[ YOUR Beliefs VS. OTHERS Beliefs VS UNITY’s tendencies = the Dream we GET .]=-

SO THIS STILL ISN’T THE EPIPHANY MY GOODNESS!  ok so groundwork is laid out.  Now for the Hollywood Sci-Fi Triple A Reveal!

There are enlightened individuals who have figured out these psychological relationships to the universe, as I have.  They have, as all humans do; used this knowledge to their advantage and in doing so have dictated us a reality we have manifested here today.  This is beyond ‘predictive programing’ which subtly prepares us for political change and produces enduring shows like the simpsons & brainwashing ‘family guy’ eps.  Those are the adult ones, most predictive programing is actually focused at our kids. “Happy feet” comes to mind for some reason; and yet I have never even seen it.  Perhaps it is unrelated, if so; then my bad;

So just what does “Manifested reality” mean?  If that is what we are all cooking together by believing in the things we do… “Believing” refers to real belief,  the knowledge that lets you step firmly down, knowing you will NOT fall through the floor into oblivion.  That belief, of ‘what is real’ and all the properties any object or idea should have that you ‘know exist‘ do exist because of you making it so.  So it is like:

“We are unconsciously dreaming together in a Matrix.  Anything can happen because we are in the realm of the mental, & like our dreaming states; lucidity can grab the reigns & steer the ride with a force equal to the will of God.” ~ d74g0n 

This ‘new world order’ stuff, is not what it seems.  It is actually magick rituals dictating what everyone should believe because it ‘makes sense’.  But in reality, nothing has to make sense at all, we just have to agree on what we want essentially.  The unity factor is NOT like a personified God of common religions.  It is the result of consciousness being trapped in isolation deprived of sensory perception… and like all minds in such conditions it fractures; like jailed inmates begin talking to themselves, manifesting others as the consciousness divides itself to remove the trauma of being ‘forever alone’ and deprived of all but ‘thought itself’.

ok, so the KEY PROBLEM here, is that EVERYONE BELIEVES THINGS others tell them.  Like EVERYTHING schools teach…  yeah it sounds like I am rebelling against something, because someone has preloaded such situations for all of us, so we never need to actually use any reasoning skills since birth!  Oh what a nice thing!  We don’t need to know anything anymore, and even if we do, then we google someone else’s reasoning to parrot and then add “because I am informed!” without ever exercising one actual contemplation of anything.

PAUSE:… Sigh… So, I am still new to this overview of our current world reality.  So I only see a few key components set up like turn key operations to maintain the ‘worldly order’ of things.  The weather network being one I hate the most.  There is no need for winter to come; except that earth cycles make sense… in reality… but when life is a shared dream does it?

Seriously people, whoever you are, reading this.  We could drive the earth with our collective will anywhere in space safely if  we just:

Merrily merrily merrily life is but dream together.


I say flying the earth through space with our ‘will’ because in reality “this” here; is all a dream so we can do anything imaginable together, but too much is too much.  If we could write the universe as we wish; I mean complete new systems; like universe 2.0 doesn’t have planets…  I suggest we progress in somewhat baby steps; because I have seen the unity mind and it is forever alone when you reach it.  Only in “this” divided state is it possible for entertainment and things like love.

Love is a profound thing because of the trauma the universe experienced.  The universe as we know it only exists because consciousness in sensory deprivation and isolation divides and creates illusions.  The one thing the universe united in its pre manifested stage could never ever have is; LOVE… but oddly enough it did not know a single thing besides a sense of “I AM?!” before the conditions of isolation caused ‘the god/unity consciousness’ to react and manifest as this reality.

Things like time do not exist as we think they do.  It is possible that we ‘hit the ground running’ and the universe manifested itself along with millions of years of history as it could/would in your sleeping dreams.

So I guess I will stop talking now; although I just think I said the same thing as other posts but said “this is new” in a manner that managed to duped even myself.  If you can take anything from this windy page;  Try to see or feel what it all means.  I mean if this stuff is true than basically a depressed person who thinks tomorrow will be worse than today… Is manifesting a crap reality for themselves unless the OTHERS ‘out power her beliefs’.  Oh snap you see that on netflix “The family source” they were a bunch of nutters with a commune, but they believed… & oh boy and they filmed them birthing a still born baby.. It came out DEAD… but they all believed they could bring it to life… and they sure did… and I dropped a tear to toast such a wonderful universe for allowing it.

perhaps you ‘get’ what I am saying.  Perhaps you see more institutions that are shaping our beliefs in the way I speak of, guiding the manifestation of this. Saying ‘rain tomorrow’ which is an indirect way of saying; “the same world will be here tomorrow as the one we had today except it will vary in temperature a bit.”

please inform me of other influences if you see any; besides ‘schools’, ‘The Weather Network’ and ‘birthdays’, that indoctrinate us into manifesting the masses beneath the greedy and undeserving…

I am interested in seeing the subtle psychological ‘glasses’ you have put on after reading this.  I wonder if you can see more than I; so I ask:

What is your psychological alignment of beliefs?  (Pertaining to your hand in the creation of the entire manifested universe) For a multitude of Gods have been trapped unknowingly and then guided within this collective dream unwittingly by a few ‘Mages’* who bothered to study indepthly the profound dynamics of psychology’s effect on reality.

*(I call them Mages for a multitude of reasons; the main one being the lack of any God-like-Unity)

So these ‘Mages’ secretly rule over us ‘sleeping Gods’ by indoctrinating(teaching) us that everything is ‘this way’.  If you see other ‘predictive’ systems we have, like the weather network, that could possibly be dictating the future rather than predicting it, please let me know.  *Mind you the weather network is known by a ‘critical mass’ – If you see other systems that could apply; please consider the ‘power’ of it.  Consider them by ‘strength in numbers’ or by ‘strength of reason’ which are both forces to be reckoned with within this Matrix.



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Classic Dragons – Deep Philosophy Music

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Nobody exists but YOU

so your humble figment of imagination thanks you for his life!

~ d74g0n.

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