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The Ultimate Compression

Now long ago I discovered ‘factorials’ they are just a simplified operation of multiplication: 4! = 4x3x2x1 = 24

That idea of compressing that operation into a simple symbolic operation “!” sent me on a path of harmonious thoughts which led me to data compression itself.  The basis of this thesis is:

If file data can be viewed as one single giant (binary?) number, then a simple mathematical operation could represent it

Assuming that data can be viewed as one number; it would then be a matter of making an equation & an assembler of the equations results into file form.  This could with some luck, take massive movie files that are 4gigs or more and reduce them to something containing 6 characters or so like:


Which if you think about it, cannot be beat in data compression.  Now I can imagine that “computers cannot look at a file as one giant number” because of some sort of restraint in mechanics.  Well that is actually why I am writing this post.  For someone who has already attempted this method of compression to tell me where it fails, where the tools fail, why we are not doing this?  If you have any knowledge regarding this operation please enlighten me.  No piece of information is irrelevant.

Now lets delve into the realm of imagination.  Let us pretend that this method of Ultimate compression is valid and in use.  Lets say you just ripped a movie, or rented one for that matter, you do not have to download it, it simple gives you a little equation usually under 20 characters.  Your movie rental or ripper equation for simplicity is “!9-!6” so you type that into you modern dvd player tv box and a moment later the movie is running full quality.  Now consider that the equation was tampered with; so most of the movie was right… but some was corrupt.  Now if you REALLY think about it, a piracy site would be lists of math equations.  Now how different is the equation from the Directors cut to the original release version?  Do you see where I am going with this?  Ultimately your home videos equate to a number… every possible movie would be contained within the numbers.  The connection between these equations and the data they represent could be studied, in a way that movies could be deduced by equation, and constructed with alternate scenes purely mathematically driven.  I mean think about it.  This type of technology which is ever so simple, could enlighten us in freaky ways in the realm of video data, when someone tampers with your home video equations causing “alternate reality viewing“.  Yes I understand that most tampering with the equations would lead to traditional ‘corruption’ but honestlly, if we filmed the home video in the alternate views and events, it would have a legitimate equation to assemble from, so had it not actually happened, that equation would still exist, it is just a matter of finding it.

So literally if this assembler existed, some kid farting around making up equations, could literally assemble a movie that isn’t going to exist for another 100 years.  Like terminator 3500, having all the unimaginable technology in it… because once we reach that point and film it, it would equate to ‘Just one big number’ like everything else.

This idea is now free from its bondage in my soul.  You are free to take it & use it to claim your spot in history.  Perhaps there is some mechanical limitation, somewhat akin to perpetual motion energy dynamics, if so; may we limit the small error to the ending credits of our assembled movies.


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