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Modern Sun Worship & Can you find Capitan Obvious?


TV – So it would seem that the majority of people on earth are following a celebrity.  Many are learning from these idols we see on the media, learning passed down answers & quick logic, rather than actively experiencing it first hand to actually understand how all the related reasoning was obtained.  These Teachers and Entertainers that guide us, we commonly refer to as ‘Stars‘ which we all know is but a ‘Sun’ by another name.

Did you know?:  Naval navigators use Stars to help guide them to their destination, just as modern humans turn on the TV to have its TV Stars also help guide them, with their direction in life.

Materialism – Most of the symbolism of the Sun has to do with Materialism.  When we turn on the light while in complete darkness, it is like the room materializes before us.  Because we are (perhaps wrongly) assumed to be blank minds when born, we can reason that to a newborn baby it must appear that the Sun makes the world literally manifest when up & disappear when down.  So THAT(aforesaid), being part of the foundation of our “first reasoning’s”, could be considered a firmly fixed association as the foundation of our symbolic(not descriptive) system of logic. [Along with its opposite; the Moon, being everything immaterial, mental or spiritual (depending on vernacular) but this post is no time for the moon!!.]

Penis – Perhaps one of the strongest connections to the Sun is to identify it to the Son.  When a baby is born, it is an obelisk they look for, opps I mean penis, before they announce that: “Your Son has been born!“.  In writing; Sun & Son differ, but only in writing; as the compression waves of sound information travelling into our ear senses when spoken are identical. The daughter is not the Sun because she has no Material there known as the Penis.  Just as showing your reverse side, your butt cheeks, are commonly referred to as mooning someone.  The female is the moon, the male the Sun, this is the Yin Yang stuff of many faiths.

Jesus – This is is hard to talk about, due to Jesus being such an Inspiration for us all, myself included.  But to Ignore these obvious connections is to be wilfully ignorant.  Jesus is the Sun of God according to lore, who prayed to God and gave us the Lords prayer as a template, to teach us how to form our own prayers privately before God.  Somehow, Sun Worship has managed to train his alleged followers to pray to Him, Jesus, the Sun.  Enforced by images of Sun Halo’s always around his head. (The suns are adding up here a bit no?)  Well to top it off, the resurrection actually has more in common with a Penis & its natural purpose, than anything else in nature besides the Sun itself, which we all know resurrects on a daily basis.

Do yourself a favour & quit right now, I don’t like what I wrote beyond here. but I was thinking about it, so you got it if you want it:

Global Warming – Oddly enough media never associates the earth getting hotter with the Sun.  I personally think that if global warming wasn’t just a ‘political narrative’ but an actual issue, we would be talking about all factors involved, like the raise in temperature of the Sun & all the other planets in our solar system due to it.  Most lectures I have watched have started off immediately with “it is simple, INPUT vs  OUTPUT (Then they say Greenhouse Gases)” now the source of the Input seems to always be assumed as a constant or ignored, when they know this is not true if they have looked, but even if they haven’t looked… looking can save them a lot of time & money analysing data sets if a thermometer reveals the truth in a few measurements.  Lets really use our brain for a second.  We are all in different spots on the earth so I am sure there would be a great diversity in the experience, but I ask you to go outside and remember what it was like.  When the Sun is out, stick out your skin & feel it, is it hotter than it was?  Sense the experience, take the measurement.  The green house gasses are about trapping warmth in, it should feel more like a hair dryer wind than a seering sun if  the heat increase is about trapped heated gasses.  I don’t know & am on the fence about what is happening, I just take all the data, even the craziest kooks data, even if it has no merit related to Global Warming in it… then it has its merits in unrelated art & psychology.  Only when all the data is on the table can we see clearest.  THIS WHOLE BLAB IS ABOUT THIS NEXT POINT HERE That is more of a SUPERSTITIOUS OBSERVATION & Conjecture then; The real Magick.

Could this ‘Warming Earth/Sun’ be a result of misguided prayers to the Sun?  Could it be related to excessive Materialism?  Could it have something to do with penis obsessions? or excessive masturbation?  Take your hand out of your pants Sir. xD  We may have conjured up an abundance of energy known as the “Tiphareth” Sephiroth(archetype 6 of 10) talking so much about the Sun.

The Nature of Real Magick is causing change with the invoking and banishing of energies(basically ha).  That Babylon thing Bob Marley & other humanitarians speak of is still going strong & it is not a phenomenon of nature.  Aliester Crowley published the Mystery Babylon Esoteric systems they use, so look at this correspondence table 777 if you will. (It took me years to START to get it)

.  All roads lead to…

The popes frat masters enjoy transforming us into lesser beings seeking debauchery; leading us donning every costume, (“Dawning? to be the Light bringer?”) to use that phenomenon of idolatry, as fishers of all those who listen or follow. Guiding by information. (how do you get in formation? IN… FORMATION).  Overwhelming & blinded with their false lights kin to the Sun.  I should point out that I am a false light for all but myself.  These words are my formations.  You need to form your own identity of understanding & observation.

This is where you realize that meditation & contemplation are the ONLY way to get the truth.(to understand it) It is the untainted pool of reflecting on information.  Everything Jesus said was said before he was born historically, which forced me to realize he was (or used) the “Greatest hits of philosophy“.  But this should teach us, clearly, that philosophy itself is enough to enlighten the world, it was his sound philosophy & harmony of action that inspired us, it is so good to have that type of WWJD archetype to lose it.  But he is alas, an idol, so let him be the last of them to go after Hollywood is dispelled… which reminds me of how Kafka said don’t publish his stuff, then when he died, everybody did.  Yeah Jesus, your philosophy is king, that’s why were going against it & keeping you an idol until the last worse idol falls lol.

some words I ended up tabbing down the page then forgot about:

  • cyber inquisitionry.
  • by design because it blinds us, like the Sun.
  • this isn’t what I wanted to write about at all
  • Sun related Market dominance? materialism
  • Obelisks like Washingtons Monument, Vatican (most countries have them including Russia) are penis’s erected everywhere, I saw one with a condom on it for STD awareness on google image search of Obelisks.
  • The Vatican Obelisk is the only one whos base is a Sun. (Capital of penis touching? scandal sounds familiar.) but is this caused by the symbols they erected or did they erect them as a symbol of what they do?
  • I am more apt to think of the Vatican Obelisk’s Base Sun as all the Obelisks from around the world coming together around his Obelisk.. So creepy really.
  • Lemme know what you think about what, like dislike, I am just about data & individual spirit in unity with all.
  • Hitlers Mein Kampf was writing by a Jesuit but endorsed by him.  Bernhart
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