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“Natural Democracy” the second enlightenment. Evolution of ‘the enlightenment’, Political Manifest Destiny.

We are taught that the alpha leads the herd.  Which is a mistake, the alpha is usually so self consumed it is wondering where everyone is going.  Mind you a true alpha is the usually the largest male with the greatest problem solving skills in the area of relationships, you cannot bully your way to the top.  But all of this is beside the point.

Natural Democracy as exhibited by studying herd behaviour shows that in the case of a deer herd surrounded with nearby watering holes. Observing how they choose which location the herd would choose they noted that the deer would point their head at the location of their choice, almost like “ok I am ready to drink over there now.*pointing to it*” and believe it or not, when 51% of the herd is facing the same direction they all unanimously move to it.  This is the same phenomenon exhibited by schools of fish and flocks of birds and butterflies.  There is not a leader of the flock, there is a constant ‘micro voting’ session happening all long as they are together.

There is lots to suggest that we do the same behaviours ourselves ‘subconsciously’ by following clothing trends that pass the 51% mark.  Perhaps most of what culture does individually is based on what most of our neighbours have achieved.

Political Manifest Destiny,

I will start at the end then show how to “ship it”.  The error with modern democracy is endless.  First off the entire legal system is already at a point that can interpret anything as anything.  The constant adding of new laws is basically how our system evolves.  The system needs to constantly evolve because it never worked in the first place.  Every time we amend it to make it work, by removing new exploits, we prove that it basically is the “imaginary Anarchy” that we’ve been taught to associate with madness.  So for us to change to something new should not scare us, it should give us hope to end this nonsense.

Our Democratic Government is using Ignorance to ensure a ‘political class’ does whatever it pleases in comfort.  This is unacceptable.  Our representation has never represented my true opinion about anything.  The idea of representation comes from things like everybody didn’t own a horse and couldn’t get to the meetings.  Well internet is here long time, its in more homes than the bible now, and the tools of self representation are mature far beyond what would be needed to restructure the system around it.

I call for an Online system of Natural Democracy.  Every flaw that rushes to your mind instantly I assure you can be fixed easier than adding endless laws to the current system that simply protects its employees.  The implications of Natural Democracy as I call it, are beautiful and simple, something that eliminates the political class in one day.  It will turn the only actual government employee’s into the ones we choose to maintain the servers.  In a Self Representative online government we can and must keep every aspect of the governments movements not only scrutinized but decided upon by all parties involved.  Of course some would and could opt out of their vote and just simply go with whatever their neighbours decide.  The bidding process could evolve into something so transparent that most the work gets done for free by the community!  We could actually assess how much taxes we would have to pay which could be basically nothing and simply donate to the local communities projects.  We could eliminate all the waste from political campaigns as they are meaningless.  Lobbies perhaps will be the biggest threat to world peace but I am sure we can Referendum big issues like that on a dime.  Now I believe we can intelligently design a system of Online Natural Democracy that is so intelligent that it could basically track a viral suggestion by how many like it and really like it that it could revolutionize the world over night.  In pure transparency the political manipulation becomes actual education, because in an educated (by the transparency) society if you are caught lying once you will never be heard or trusted again.

Natural Democracy can become a global phenomenon as other countries adopt it.  Eventually Eliminating all the boarders as the world opens up its operation.  There probably will be a short period resembling  a war crime tribunal where all the untouchable politicians have an unfortunate viral suggestion & get a 90% approval rating for lynch mobbing… but things like lynch mobbing will not be permitted.  For I believe with the new system comes a completely new set of laws that we all must understand.  That law can only begin with Harm None.  With every statement we add to that we will allow more room for misinterpretation and misrepresentation.  When we function as a whole community, micro-voting all issues, we can be judge and jury also, as long as we allow for proper examination that does not conflict with Harm None.

So stop signs for instance would only show up on the feed of the local community.  Those that live in the area and frequent the intersection would be the only ones able to vote regarding the issue.  Now everybody in the country would be able to vote on something like War.  Also in complete transparency, if something is voted through like war, or a business operation, every vote is completely transparent.  There are no more shenanigans allowed.  So guilt or consequence will follow those who steer us in the wrong direction, if its a good idea that the country is thinking we should tar and feather you.. something bad but not that bad is going to happen to you very swiftly.  If you think things like Intelligence and such is important, you realize that in this system every single person becomes an acting agent for the government so we don’t really need a suit for all our new roles.

Transparency is key, an epic transparency that allows for no lies.  No distortions. Greed and corruption are rampant within us, biological or not, we must eliminate it for the betterment of mankind.  The native once believed Greed was a mental disorder, well it is, it makes the world more uncomfortable than ever.

Ok I hope you can imagine the system,  this idea.  Someone really needs to start making it, so they can become the name that we remember in the history books.  People will globally celebrate you as a champion of freedom for it, for aeons.  The way this system comes into play.  We have to have a system to put on the ballot.  That is the only way that political change will happen without harm.  We will have to vote it in as a majority, informed of what we are getting into (I am sure the internet will help with that).  Once there is 50% of any country that can understand the system, which honestly will probably be a combination of wikipedia and facebook, so very easily understandable (unlike the current gov system really is with its nooks) to the mobile age.

So for now I am too busy and incapable of doing such a project alone.  I do not really wish to be the one who has to code the thing.  I give this idea to the world which has never been suggested on television or radio or perhaps anywhere.

If you notice that the world has a fractal nature to it, where the industrial age happened, but recently it seems to have re-happened in all of our basements.  3d printers and such, this micro industrial revolution has happened on many levels, we basically already have everything we need to do all the things a country does in our basements now.  Why not add a micro-revolution to the mix so we can actually progress as a whole for once!  We all know this is a great idea in our bones, and probably has been silenced since the invention of the internet.

So if you cannot motivate someone to take the spot in history as the creator of the Natural Democracy Online system, then maybe you can convince someone to fund it.  I have set up a paetron account that I will use to make it happen.  I will tackle it logically and most efficiently.  All I want is the betterment of mankind.  I feel that if I do not do something quickly my/our/all children will have no chance at understanding the future world around them.

“If it ain’t for the betterment of mankind, you’re probably wasting your time” ~ d74g0n

(rambled, unread, un-edited)

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